Solid State Drive


Enterprise Applications

Enterprise Computing

(Servers, Storage Arrays, Financial infrastructure, Data Centre)

Enterprise storage applications require demanding performance and high reliability. With Mach Xtreme's SSD Solutions, we provide reduced TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) through overcoming performance bottleneck from traditional hard drives enabling near instantaneous data transfers and reduced power consumption.


(Servers, Security, Routers/Gateways, Communications)

Mach Xtreme's range of client based solid state drives, offer increased productivity and efficiency from individual work stations and further enhance the utilization of any given networking bandwidth.


(Industrial Electronics, Portable Computing, Storage)

Mach Xtreme can customize unique industrial storage computing applications from customers specifications through a wide range of solid state interfaces.


(Storage, Field Computing, Higher Learning)

Government and Education sectors require reliability and data security for their storage needs. Mach Xtreme's built in AES-128 bit encryption, prevents extracting data directly from the flash memory, combined with?the advantage of near instantaneous data transfer and reduced power consumption.

Professional Media

(Audio/Video capture and editing, design, storage)

Professional Audio/Video capturing and editing require reading and writing huge amount of raw data. Where traditional hard drive fall shorts, Mach Xtreme's solid state drives provides unparallel read and write performance with maximum IOPS for most demanding applications.