Solid State Drive


Solid State Drive


Mach Xtreme 2.5” MXSSD3SDSTP Series SSD is a specially designed solution for high performance SSD Processor (CPU-like architecture) supporting the latest Series ATA III (3.0) interface. Leveraging unique, highly innovative, proprietary DuraClass™ technology, it leverages today’s densest SLC NAND Flash memory as well as ultra-dense next-generation SLC devices to enable Solid State Drives (SSDs) which greatly surpass magnetic hard disk drive performance in access latency and power consumed while guaranteeing long-term SSD reliability. This series is based on the premiere SSD Processor that enables SLC NAND flash based SSDs for high traffic applications, with both superior performance and assured product life. It enables solid-state storage to compete head-to-head in capacity and endurance with traditional rotating disks, while maintaining its clear advantage in ruggedness, access speed and power consumed.


Form Factor 2.5"
Interface SATA3
Flash Type SLC
Capacities 60GB / 120GB
Dimension 99.7 x 69.75 x 7.0 mm (LxHxW)
Weight 80g
Standard Operational Temperature 0℃~ +70℃
Standard Storage Temperature -45℃ to +85℃
Max. Read Performance up to 550 MB/s*
Max. Write Performance up to 500 MB/s*
MTBF up to 2,000,000 hours
Voltage +5V +/-10%
Power Consumption active up to 2.8W / stand-by 1.6W
Shock Resistance up to 1,500G
Vibration 20G
SMART Fuction Support
Data Retention 10 years
Data Reliability Built-in ECC function (BCH 16/24 bits) / DuraClass™, DuraWrite™ and RAISE™ technologies support / TRIM support / Garbage Collection support / Ultra DMA Mode 0~6 support / PIO mode 0-4 support / Multi-Word DMA mode 0-2 support
Certification RoHS / CE / FCC
Other Features DOS/Linux/WinCE/WinXP/Vista/Win7 bootable